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Dental Implants

IMPLANT SPECIALIST in Arlington, Virginia to help replace lost teeth with a PERMANENT option

Dental Implant Specialist in Arlington

Easy and Quick

Dr. Akmal is an Implant Specialist Practicing in the heart of Arlington, VA. 

When teeth are lost, the dental implant is a safe option that can be done to help replace teeth for such options as:


  1. Single or Multiple teeth Replacement
  2. Fixating loose Dentures for added stability
  3. Replacing Dentures with Permanent Teeth

Most procedure do not require sedation, and can be completed in as little as an hour.  Dr. Akmal, is a Board Certified Periodontist, and specializes in minimally invasive techniques to make sure you have a gentle recovery after the procedure. 

We even have a team of Dedicated Dentists in our Clinic who can place the Crowns on the Implants without having to find another Clinic for the purpose. 



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