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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental care in Arlington

During the Covid Pandemic, many patients have been unable to get the care they need. At VDC, we have extended business hours to include evenings, and weekends for our Arlington community.

This way we are able to maintain a HIGH level of disinfection in our office to facilitate patient care

Arlington team of doctors for Dental Emergencies

Chipped Teeth

Small Chips in teeth can quickly turn into major problems, if the fracture is into the Dentin (The yellow part of the tooth) It is important to address these small problems quickly, before the become major issues.  We have a team of General Dentists and Specialists in Arlington help

Dental Extractions

Our qualified team of dentists and specialists can help to both remove teeth, and help you find the best option to replace those teeth within your budget. 

Root Canal

Root Canal’s that are left uncompleted can be source of NEW Infections. Even if the root canal was started in another Dental Clinic, our team of  Arlington Dentists can help in completing your treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The ache in the back of your jaws associated with wisdom teeth, is often the precursor to a full blown abscess.  Dental Surgery and Difficult Extractions are best managed by Dental Surgeons .

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding in the gums is indicative of an inflammatory disease process occurring below your gums. At VDC Dr.Akmal, your Arlington Periodontist has both the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to solve Gum Disease. 

Tooth Abscess or Fractured/Broken teeth

Abscesses or broken teeth are VERY  DANGEROUS, as there may be a major bacterial infection inches away from your brain.  DO NOT DELAY TREATMENT for abscesses or large fractures. Our team of Doctors can help our Arlington community in addressing a wide array of problems.Virginia Dental Care offers a wide array of treatment options in Arlington.